Hardware Setup

Hardware Setup

1) Minimum System Requirements
  1. CPU SpeedMinimum quad core, 1.4GHz. Recommended Intel i5 CPU or better.
  2. RAM (GB): Minimum 4 GB. Recommended is 8 GB for best experience.
  3. Webcam – Resolution: >3.0 MP
  4. OS Version: Windows - 10.X (64-bit), preferably the latest version of Windows. MacOS - 10.13.x (64-bit),  preferably the latest version of MacOS.
  5. Internet Browser: Chrome (any of most recent 5 versions). Recommended that you update to the latest version of Chrome for best experience.
  6. Connection: Wi-Fi and 4G (data services) to be able to work with data services. Minimum internet speed of 512 Kbps. Recommended is > 1 Mbps for best experience.
  1. CPU Speed: Quad Core 1.4GHz
  2. RAM (GB): 3 GB
  3. Frontal Camera – Resolution: > 2 MP
  4. Rear Camera – Resolution: >3.0 MP
  5. Screen size: Smartphone: >= 5’’ (for user comfort)
  6. Storage Internal/External (GB): > 8 GB ( > 2GB Free Space)
  7. Location: GPS, Google Play Services
  8. OS Version:
    1. Android - 6.X, preferably latest version of Android.
    2. iOS - 12.x,  preferably latest version of iOS.
  9. Internet Browser:
    1. Chrome on Android (any of most recent 5 versions).
    2. Safari on iOS (any of most recent 5 versions).
  10. Connection: 
    1. Wi-Fi or 4G (data services) is required to be able to take the test.
    2. Minimum internet speed of 512 Kbps. Recommended is > 1 Mbps for best experience.

2) Test Your Internet connectivity

  1. TestOpen below images in the browser
    1. Firsthttps://quicktest-prod-media.s3.ap-south-1.amazonaws.com/sample.png
    2. Result: Should display an image like below

    3. Secondhttps://angular.pod-proxy.com/images/pod-logo-primary.svg
    4. Result: Should display an image like below

  1. TroubleshootingThere could be DNS server issues with your network if the sample image is not visible or if there is an error like below. Please follow instructions at https://developers.cloudflare.com/ to update DNS servers and run this test to confirm the fix.


  1. TestOpen https://openspeedtest.com/Get-widget.php and click on start. Wait for the test to finish.
  2. You should have at least 200 MB of internet data to take the test.
  3. Result: Download & Upload speed should be minimum Minimum internet speed of 512 Kbps. Recommended is > 1 Mbps for best experience. Ping should be less than 300ms and Jitter less than 20ms.

3) Test your Camera/Microphone

  1. TestOpen https://webrtc-test.pod.ai/click on the "START" button. Allow permissions when prompted.
  2. Result: Both Camera/Microphone sections should be green.

4) Geolocation Test

  1. TestOpen https://acme.com/webapis/geolocation.htmlallow permissions when prompted.
  2. Result: It should display your location on the white box.

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