Installation on MacOS

Installation on MacOS

Click below button to download SEB Installer for MacOS.

Download SEB Installer

Requirements for installation of safe exam browser  

  1. Only macOS 11.1 and later are supported. 
  2. MacOS operating system should be up to date. 
  3. Hard drive should have 100MB of free space. 
  4. You should have Admin Rights for the system. 
  5. No Network/System Restrictions should be present. 
  6. Anti-Virus should be disabled.  

Steps to Check Safe Exam Browser Version

  1. Open Finder.
  2. Go to Applications and search for "Safe Exam Browser".

  3. If you don't find "Safe Exam Browser", It means you don't have it installed.
    Otherwise, right click on icon and select "Quick Look". You will find Version written there.

Steps to install Safe Exam Browser 

  1. Check version of Safe Exam Browser in your system. See above for steps.
  2. If you don't have Safe Exam Browser installed, Continue.
    If you have it but version is different from 3.3.2, Uninstall the current version and then continue.
    If you have it and its version is 3.3.2. You can skip further steps mentioned here.
  3. Download the Safe Exam Browser Installer from here: Safe Exam Browser for MacOS
  4. Launch Safe Exam Browser Installer     
  5. Move the Safe Exam Browser into the Applications folder  

Common Troubleshooting Steps while installation

  1. Issues while Downloading/Installing SEB

    1. If you face any errors while downloading or installing the application try changing your internet connection.
  2. Other Errors

    1. For any other issues with SEB, you can go through here for resolutions:

Steps to uninstall Safe Exam Browser

  1. Open the Applications folder and find Safe Exam Browser. Right-click on it and click on Move to Trash.    

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